I'm bisexual, I am proud

I always thought that sexual partners and there is no error, error is the separation of love and sex. In the morning to see will be friends, friends is one of my favorite American TV series, on behalf of the values of the mainstream American society, but the inside of the six leading role, can say is a sexual partner, each of them to talk about a few times in love, all with different lover happened relationship, if the number of sexual partners, only about Joey's most open, Chandler's most conservative.

Bisexual people pride movement, proud? Pride is only sexual orientation? That this world has too much pride movement, stutter pride movement, left-handed pride movement, congenital deformity pride movement and so on. I think, in most countries, this is precisely the society as a whole need to avoid and discussion, of criticism.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual men, bisexual women, straight people, or sexual orientation, similar to the Amorphous generally think that is a state of nature, nature state far from pride not proud, for example, I am a black, my skin is black, born not pride is not proud, but I am going to put on the unequal social norms of abolition of the black head, this is something to be proud of, it is also a great place to racial equality movement. We are bisexual pride movement, proud of is just a gift, rather than on bisexual people head against social norms, which requires our reflection. We dare not to overthrow the so-called traditional heterosexual to build a family and marriage norms. Simple said, now, I'm bisexual, I am proud, I can meet bisexual people, my pride.

As long as sex and love are closely linked together, then this love is enough worthy of honor, one year or five years, or thirty years. May be I too romantic revolutionary ideal, I think, bisexual proud of not only because of your natural sexual orientation, more to be proud of is that you want to go against social norms impose on your head.

Sexual partner to be proud, of course, not just for gay, lesbian, bisexual men and women, also for heterosexual. In the mainstream society, the divorced women, tend to lift head, society also feel taken for granted. Now, our society is changing, who said the divorce to be unhappy? To establish a partnership on social norms, bisexual, some people in the community than heterosexual still lag behind, it's made me feel very surprised, is also worthy of our thought.