I'm a bisexual people

The bisexual people are those that can be gay and straight to attract people. Bisexual people's like in the men and women is not necessarily the same, can be more men, can also be more biased towards women. Those who to have sex with men and women, is not necessarily bisexual men or bisexual women, even if you don't have sex with anyone, may also be a bisexual people.

Some people may not know their own sexual orientation, or not clear his homosexual and heterosexual feelings, so some people don't even know that I am bisexual people. But, over time, this part of people sooner or later find different with others, found his bisexuality. Also some people know yourself and everyone around you is not the same at an early age, because of their own is a bisexual people frustrated, this kind of situation will need to identify yourself, self-identity is the key to how you see yourself. Many people go to bed with men and go to bed with a woman, but I don't think of themselves as bisexual people. And some people only go to bed with a gender, or no sex life, but still see themselves as bisexual people. During adolescence, many young people began to open, they are keen to date, most people will be attracted by the opposite sex, but these people have a part of the same to same-sex tempted, these people are bisexual men and women. When bisexual people meet, they are very excited.

No matter you are bisexual, gay or straight, the correct view themselves, to accept their sexual orientation, to learn to like themselves in his own heart. Everyone has the right to enjoy themselves, whether bisexual people, or gay people, everyone is equal. Find their own value is very important for bisexual. Although for bisexual people, or gay people can be difficult to have a very good feeling, because we are some strange look around us, but we can't give up, bold say it out, I'm a bisexual people.