Married bisexual on bisexual dating sites to find "true love"

Although the bisexual circle looks small, but also has a lot of bisexual people, after all. Jones know can fill out your own inner emptiness through's friend.

In the eyes of friends, sven Jones family life is full of happiness: a good wife, he married a tender for the first two years and have a lively and lovely daughter, still have a good job, not only stable, income is not low. But this is very happy to others cheng, inside there has always been a secret that can't be words to the people: he is a bisexual, or more precisely, he is a bisexual people, after all, he has to marry a girl.

Beyond the secret will let him often uncomfortable, even don't know how to face his wife and daughter, but he can't find someone to tell, because the secret once exposed, will make him happy family overnight points burst out, he will lose all your friends, or even their own work. Not only is he, his wife and daughter will be subjected to the strange eyes, pointing. For the sake of his wife and young daughter, he can't afford to take the risk, only the secret hidden deep in the bottom of my heart. Secret for a long time, Jones grew more anguish in his heart, he is looking for all kinds of way can let him express his heart. An accidental opportunity, he on the bisexual dating site to reach the people of the same experience. The accidental discovery Jones seem to see the hope, that he is not alone, there are so many people and themselves, and their communication, the pressure on the mind of Jones stone also becomes not so heavy, own also can be understood and recognized by people, he seems to feel that looking for a long time but not social identity. Since then, Jones was used to find someone to chat online way to ease the anguish of heart.

After two people through phone contact for nearly 20 days one night, the two men met together. When two bisexual people meet, Jones saw a really handsome man came up to him, like a cell phone for the first time, two people feel. Then, two people chating at the hotel in the neighborhood. Communication, when learned that oneself like gay was like Jones pain once, too. He was silent for a long time, but in the heart of anguish still unable to send, just want to find a man who can talk to through Jones after listening to his words very touched, two people often meet, after Jones also clarified the matter to his wife, but his wife does not care about, Jones also lead to a happy life.