Married bisexual want to meet more bisexual friends

Have such a part of people, they want to marry and have children lead a normal life, neither against nor hatred and heterosexual sex, the pleasure gained from. But also have affection to gay, especially around gay and liking, alternative in same-sex sexual behavior and stimulation, this is bisexual people.

Some might think bisexual behavior is immoral, as married men cheat to blame, think bisexual people of homosexual and heterosexual are not responsible for, is a real pervert. But things have a dual nature, analysis of right and wrong things to specific analysis, bisexual men or bisexual women the formation of a variety of causes, such as individual, family, social influence, cannot treat as the same. If purely for a married man looking for stimulus, and gay sex, that is to be moral condemnation. He had lied to their partners, at the same time also cheating with the gay, is to be a target. But if the islanders, again to conclusions? For bisexual men and women, like two kinds of gender, this is born, their psychological has been formed, it is difficult to change, most married bisexual, frankly, they would choose as their partners to discuss with their partners, hope their partner will agree to, so oneself can also go to find other gay, satisfy their physiological and psychological needs. Also has the part then bisexual people, they will not choose to tell their partners, they secretly on some bi dating sites, and they want to meet more bisexual friends. Of course, they don't have and their partner frank, so can only silently to meet bisexual, this is not a long-term solution.

Some bisexual people life is very painful, he is a bisexual, again afraid of others know, afraid of other people misunderstanding and discrimination, and even did not dare to face the fact that he is bisexual. Also some bisexual people, they are positive in the face of life, they are willing to open their own bisexual identity, no matter go to where, they can meet bisexual, but not by others strange vision. Every bisexual people is different, if the brave face, can also be as heterosexual, have a happy life.