Meet bisexual friends on bisexual dating site

Bisexual people refers to both sexes produces love or sexual arousal. Bisexual people may at the same time with the people of either sex to become partner relationship, and only two gender gender people to become one of the partnership, or celibacy. Bisexual refers to desire and self-identity, and does not necessarily mean behavior. People with sexual behavior is not necessarily a bisexual people.

Recently often on some bi dating sites, to learn more about their world. Always envy bisexual people, think they can become a partnership, and all social pressure, also need not fear of same-sex sexual orientation was found, this is what a wonderful thing. But since I meet bisexual friends at bisexual dating site later, I learned that they also have a lot of pain and pressure, such as the responsibility of the family, social pressure and so on, these are the indelible impact on their lives. Even some people are still struggling with what is same sex or different sex. Real bisexual people, can the obsession with fall in love with a men can also obsessed with fall in love with a gay, whether gay or straight, can get great satisfaction from them.

In fact, whether heterosexual people or gay people, affection for bisexual people hold not many people. A lot of people don't know bisexual, bisexual also began to slowly in recent years was found by people, and even a large part of all don't know what is bisexual. Just because of bisexual people don't know, just on the bisexual men and women discrimination, this for bisexual groups, it is not fair. Free love of the society, if only because of sexual orientation is different, produce discrimination, this should be a tragedy.

I want to say is, no matter you are bisexual men, or bisexual women, have to face it positive, to face up to their sexual orientation. Other people think doesn't matter, only his own thoughts is the most important thing. The same reason, if you are a bisexual people, also should not show off, think you can have more sexual partners, and this is not something to be proud of. In a word, brave in the face of their identity as bisexual, bisexual or gay and straight, only the sexual orientation is different.