Meet bisexual friends

People's feelings always need a rely on the object, is likely to be a woman, may also be a man. It's gay straight, but there are a lot of people, seem to love in the life of his own opposite sex friends, but also the same for gay have the feeling of love, for whatever reason prompted such a two-way relationship orientation. In the human's sexual orientation, for people of both sexes sexual attraction and arousal are called bisexual people. Bisexual people's love in the two kinds of gender is not necessarily equal, may prefer to men, women may prefer to, this is different from person to person. A bisexual may also relationship with both sexes have may keep sexual relationship with a kind of gender.

At the same time, it is also a lot of bisexual men and women are the cause of the distress, because had the girlfriend (boyfriend), or his wife (husband), and also deeply in love with them, but also longing for another kind of love, from love. Not love not firm, not several, is only one kind of psychological need, like general heterosexual or homosexual, emotional needs. In other words, if you want to leave any one party, seem to be hard to decide. In this case, the most bisexual people will discuss with their partners, they want to go to meet bisexual friends, some partner feel nothing, would agree with them, of course, this is the best results. However, some partners, does not agree. This leads to this part of the bisexual people, must be through other ways to meet bisexual women or bisexual men. They will quietly on some bi dating sites, or go to some bisexual bar, satisfy their psychological needs.

Most bisexual people do, and there are quite a number of people, is due to the forced by life, was gay, but to shoulder their responsibilities, choose to marry, but this does not change their sexual orientation, so you may as well keep looking for other partners. I think if so, it seems that life is not happy. Whether bisexual people, or gay people, if everyone can understand them, I believe that they can and heterosexual, no matter where, will receive respect, life will be better and better.