Meet bisexual

With the development of the society, understanding of bisexual people more and more, but still there are those who do not understand bisexual. There are a lot of people think that heterosexual and homosexual sex, means they become the bisexual people, in fact this is opinion of bisexual error. This only shows that they and gay sex, does not represent the other, they may actually have bisexual orientation, or they don't. Bisexual people like men at the same time, like a woman again, so does that mean, they also enjoy the joy of two kinds of gender? But in fact, a lot of bisexual men and women are selected and a gender people, most of them are on the brink of society, be heterosexual people and gay people discrimination and misunderstanding, it also makes the bisexual people's life and no one else so well.

Bisexual refers to the people of both sexes can have the feeling that is drawn, both body and mind. Some absolutely heterosexual people even if with same-sex sexual behavior, does not mean they became the bisexual men or bisexual women, this only shows that their sexual orientation flow happened. Studies show that people sometimes change their sexual preference. But preference change is not refers to the change of sexual orientation, sexual orientation is generally not easy to be acquired factors, but it is not absolutely does not affect, also some people for some reason, change their sexual orientation.

Bisexual, this word is easy to be gay and straight at the same time. In fact, I have more than once heard a gay in bisexual malicious slander, they say, emotional swing, private life worst excesses, both men and women like scum, etc. Someone to love the man in the world, some daughter woman, but someone love, both men and women. With the idea of people tend to be puzzled, especially those who are accustomed to thinking mode of black and white. Therefore, for bisexual people misunderstanding since the birth of the word, just a moment didn't stop.

The bisexual people of modern society, although also be many people misunderstand and discrimination, but they also have their own way of life, they meeting some bi dating sites, through the website to find other bisexual people. Even part of bisexual choose out of the ark, openly bisexual orientation, to meet bisexual friends. It suggests that bisexuality is moving in a positive direction, although there is still a part of bisexual life is not optimistic, however, bisexual to continue this development, will change.