Meet Bisexual

Nowadays, bisexual people is still a lot of people discrimination and misunderstanding. Due to differences in physical and psychological, occlusion and the lack of information communication channel, the outside world has a lot of speculation on the bisexual people jealous, and this is adding to the relatively weak bisexual people's psychological burden and inner contradictions, seriously affect their normal life and mental health.

Most bisexual men and women want to be normal, bisexual people agree that "social respect, family can be completely improve the plight of the bisexual". Social prejudice, heavy burden of marriage, the mental health status of the concern, all of these and bisexual contact increasingly close.

Without equal social security and constraints with heterosexual people, their partner relationship is fragile and short, and this leads to some bisexual people frequently change sexual partners, due to frequent replacement of sexual partners, they only through some bi dating sites and find the other bisexual people, and then develop into a relationship. But although the bisexual dating sites can meet bisexual friends, but want to find the right partner is not an easy thing.

Bisexual group in addition to larger social pressure, because of sexual orientation is different from most of the people, how to through the identity, is also a key thing. Because unable to gain access to the right information, a lot of bisexual people with remorse. For a long time not to be others know the impact tendency and double life, some bisexual people trying to hide myself, don't even tell anyone about their identity as bisexual, which makes their life very lonely. They can only silently on some bisexual dating sites, by other means meet bisexual.

Anyway, I hope one day, and bisexual people can also be as heterosexual people can get equal social security and constraints, are no longer being misunderstanding and discrimination.