Met bisexual people often will not become a bisexual?

Being a bisexual is a choice? Some bisexual is regarded as a kind of can choose their way of life, however, there is no scientific evidence to prove that you can choose your sexual orientation, but it's also no conclusive evidence that you must be born. Like homosexual or heterosexual, only your inner feelings, that's all. Why did no one asked the cause of heterosexual?

Bi can be cured? Bi is not a disease, so don't deserve to be treated, it is natural. Some bisexual people are not satisfied with their sexual orientation may be due to their religious beliefs or the pressure of social, cultural, and so they are sometimes suppress their sexuality.

Met bisexual people often will not become a bisexual? If you meet bisexual people every day, even and bisexual together every day, your life may be affected by a certain, however, want to suddenly become bisexual, it is not possible. Of course, said some bisexual men and women, they are from a particular person or a certain special experiences exactly only aware of their sexual orientation. However, this does not mean these people or things will turn them into the bisexual, and may only be stimulated their hidden already a long time of sexual orientation. Bi is not a disease, more won't infect, you don't have to worry about tomorrow morning everyone into a bisexual.

Like straight people, bisexual people also vary from person to person. Some bisexual people conform to the people of a certain inherent impression, but many other people is not the case, not to mention the bisexual people in all walks of life in society.

For bisexual people, the society for positive attention bisexual topic, can promote the effective spreading of science information, reduce prejudice against bisexual people, hatred, this kind of social pressure, for bisexual people create a comfortable living environment, increase the social visibility of bisexual people, reduce the rate of autism of bisexual people, improve the bisexual group mental outlook, and increase the happiness index of bisexual people, etc. For all citizens, social positive attention of bisexual topic, can promote social harmony and stability, and stimulate the active of the society, mining bisexual culture behind the potential business opportunities.

Bisexuality is closely related with each of us. Focus on the LGBT rights, also is the social responsibility of all of us.