My bisexual life

That year, I like a woman or a man, that year because my family reasons, I'm married with their little BABY, but in that year I fell in love with this circle, back to think about, I became a bisexual man has more than four years, did not dare to believe that I will become the world, this a bisexual people, because I'm in the man's world, also runs a woman in the world at the same time, my daughter-in-law, not beautiful, but in my friend, or can be said to be a beauty, he's kind, gentle, 100100 is suitable for me. Fortunately I got married in 2008, has a pregnant wife, give me 2009 gave birth to a lovely daughter, that is the stage of pregnancy bring out my tendency of bisexual, obsessed with the curious bisexual everyday dating website (, obsessed with online men bring me, I am more walk more far. In four years I only place two bisexual boyfriend, one is the first love, is a boyfriend now.

For 3 years, my wife and I are sharing a bed at the same time, also in and I knew the bisexual men. He married for 5 years, have a baby son, our two relationship because he and I, is very good, whether it's ordinary life, or a big get-together, two family will sit together, my friend in dealing with his family than I youdao everywhere, we are all bisexual men, enthusiastic about women, for men ambition four base, good-looking woman, will see a few eye, good man will be tempted, he and his wife very harmonious sex life, this is better than I do, he has a pair of sexual instinct.

The affection between man and man than the affection between men and women to deep, similar to the opposite side is broken too fast, the affection between gay is no guarantee, if you love a person is at any time for him to give up or negligence, time is long, also not to communicate with your heart, so, I'm very hard in this area. We two bisexual men to attack so love each other, because we accept each other's heart, the heart also accept each other, just think, if can't accept a heart, how can and his passion. We will go to meet bisexual people, together for a date, to play golf. When he and other outside bisexual people together, at home with my wife, this life I am very happy.