Sexual orientation: homosexuality and bisexuality

Sexual orientation can be classified into three categories: general heterosexual orientation: a big interest to the opposite sex; Bisexual orientation: the straight and gay, have interest; Gay: for with their gender have great interest in the same individual.

Sexual orientation is mainly related to a person's emotional and physical aspects of some of the characteristics, in the aspect of external characteristic and the behavior performance significantly, sometimes sometimes was not significant. A man may be attractive for homosexual or heterosexual, but they tend not to choose for both gender pay feelings, for example, some bisexual people, they tend to live a life of monogamy, rather than giving someone gay feelings.

Why do some people have gay and bisexual orientation? Now most of the scientists agree that such a view that sexual orientation is environmental, emotional, hormone and some biological factors acting together. In other words, there are many factors affecting a person's sexual orientation, and for different people influence sexual orientation of these factors are also different. Their parents way of cultivating and youth will have had sexual experiences with other will not lead to a person's sexual orientation changes, the results into a lesbian, gay, bisexual men and women. Although as a result of the social prejudice and don't understand will give these people a certain degree of impact, also cannot say that gay people and bisexual people spiritually there is abnormal.

How do people understand their sexual orientation? For most people, their sexual orientation will become apparent during adolescence and youth, this time often will have had sexual experience. Gay people during this period, for instance, began to realize that their interest in gay is a big idea and action, this time they usually exist for gay body fantasy or curious, but you don't act on emotion and behavior.

A person's sexual orientation change? Most experts believe that sexual orientation is not a simple choice in life, generally will not change. However some gay and bisexual orientation people will live a life of monogamy, so that you can avoid the prejudice against gay know society, they so choose is also for this ethical dilemma best solution of the problem.

Today for people who are gay rights organization? Yes, there are a lot of organization and site for gay and bisexual orientation of people's rights, is a good free bisexual websites, covering bisexual people and gay people all over the world. These organizations and sites will also help in gay and bisexual people life strategy, support the meet bisexual people and gay people, try to eliminate some opponents prejudice against gay or bisexual.