The bisexual group will be more and more powerful

Maybe we've all heard the view that bisexual just a intermediate state, gay and straight or bisexual people too flower heart, can't decide which gender you like, these views are wrong, is to bi don't know, also have misunderstanding on bisexual. Bi is a real sexual orientation, it is different from heterosexual and homosexual. However, unfortunately, bisexual, this would be discriminatory group whether bisexual men, or bisexual women, health than heterosexual and homosexual bad peers.

Some people think that there is no such thing as bisexual people, this is just some teenagers are too young, they have not made clear their sexual orientation, have been wavering in gay propaganda, they think the bisexual people just in order to follow the fashion. Others thought that same-sex marriage had teenagers corrupt, bisexual people because deal with relationships. On the other hand, others insist that any form of same-sex together is wrong, is not normal.

Though or someone very rationally support bisexual men and women, and put them in as a normal person, but, in addition to those bisexual, rarely speaking for bisexual. I don't know this situation because of negative reviews from all parties too much and fear, or become exhausted in response, the long process of struggle, perhaps because few people publicly said he is bisexual or unisexual. Anyway, the result is that most people are reluctant to give bisexual people absolutely support, support has been rarely bisexual, maybe there are a lot of people don't know bisexual, but is more likely to be all don't know what to say to support the bisexual. But as bi dating sites are becoming more and more powerful enough that bisexuality groups.

I wrote a lot about the Internet bisexual, but often get reply is negative, many people are angry words to them. It is good to have argument, there are always some fair people will stand up for bisexual holding the attitude of support and understanding. If you are a bisexual people, so next time you see those filthy speech later, may I have an appropriate counter, show their support for bisexual psychology, we can see a little bit of confidence. Believe in the near future, the bisexual group will be more and more big, bisexual also will be more and more accepted by people.