There are three kinds of main gay

1. The physical gay.
Some were born to be gay people, until they reached sexual maturity apparent show not accept different sex, only with the particularity of sexual orientation. To date, in biology and medicine failed to clear explanation on this kind of gay the root cause of formation, we call it "physical gay." It is said that they in a very small proportion of the population. According to the American zoologist Kinsey in the 1950 s, according to a study of American gay and lesbian accounts for roughly two percent of the female population, gay men make up about five percent of the male population. However, this number has not yet been confirmed by other scientific research. Researchers later on as a zoologist Kinsey study puts forward many questions, but also not convincing Numbers and conclusions.

2. The conditional gay.
Someone was born, there is no gay physiological factors, but the day after tomorrow certain conditions so that they form a gay sexual orientation. Barracks and separated for men and women in prison, for example, allow same-sex sexual intimacy (hugging, kissing, mutual masturbation, etc) more convenient; But conditions change, they can still be back to the opposite sex sex. Because had same-sex sexual experience, they are also easy to become a bisexual people. Psychology studies have found that people's first sexual experience of psychology to allude, has a profound influence on sexual orientation. In this sense, adolescence is sex and sexual orientation shows the critical period of emotions, originally is not a gay, boys and girls should enjoy freedom and sufficient condition with heterosexual contacts, expression and obtain heterosexual friendship, affection, appreciation, love, love, love, and so on natural emotion; If heterosexual contacts, could make them turning to the emotional needs of youth in the gay to be realized, so as to show the tendency of gay. In addition, some parents dressed children when the opposite sex, or suggested by name and gender pressure for children, children have been left a gender identity is difficult, may also make them become conditioned gay. After the two cases, when I do puberty education lectures respectively hosted confusion of parents and children themselves to our troubles.

3. The homosexuality as a lifestyle choice.
In an age of social culture and life style to multiple, some originally not biologically gay men and women, due to various reasons and voluntarily choose homosexual lifestyle. For example, some people because of marriage, left to the opposite sex hostile or fear; Others worry about the opposite sex marriage or divorce cost; And vulnerable people in society, hoping for some kind of community support; Even someone gay's arms for a utilitarian purpose, and so on. The third kind of person, the original no gay biological physical causes, they could also be bisexual people.