Two bisexual men and one woman

God created the human gender, also created the asexual people, and bisexual people, but most of them can not have children, can combine family, finally can only become painful joke of the creator. There are very few men or women like me, there is a normal physiological characteristics of bisexual men and women, whether we can pursue our own happiness?

First of all, with the aid of a man or a woman of sexual orientation. And the combination between the two bisexual people, is ok. Between two bisexual men, for example, they love each other, establish a stable relationship, under the premise of can be looking for a woman together, let the woman all like them at the same time, this miracle was born, in a stable relationship between three people, magnet between three people together, love each other, everyone has two partners at the same time, it is fair, and reasonable, is also the creator of outstanding creation, this combination in the current social conditions, actually as if a woman married twice, respectively with ex-husband husband and the current situation, the only difference is that she liked each other between the two husbands also have feelings, if she can accept, that she is happy that there is no war between two men, but also love her, she became the queen of the happiness, at the same time by two men fall in love, sex and also can get high experience, the two men also won't weak, after all, two against one can relieve man age, sexual ability is lower, the older woman, sexual ability of the rise of the contradiction, also can alleviate the pressure of the current social economy, also can share resources, reduce a lot of waste, but also can have two children, after legally can imitate her ex-husband and self relationship. This is a miracle happened, but can call miracles are rare.