We are bisexual people

The bisexual people also is varied, their age, education level, occupation, different cultural background, etc. The same is the only, all of them are bisexual. Because of bisexual some bias, there are some people do not accept bisexual, bisexual people like gay people, suffered a new vision and other people's discrimination, and even violence. Therefore bisexual group is also a more sad people. So-called bisexual is unreliable, bisexual sex maniac, bisexual is cheater, and so on, these rumors already thorough popular feeling, make bisexual people to a certain extent, is discrimination.

A large part of bisexual men and women, due to social, family, friends, have a bad comment on bisexual, lead to life pressure is very big. In this case, the bisexual people should learn to self adjusting. Every day to make their own psychological hint and say "I am bi, I'm fine", this is very useful, and make some bisexual friends, more and more at ordinary times the friend chat, communication. Remember, as a bisexual is a very normal also very natural thing, like being gay or straight. Whether it's straight, lesbian, or bisexual, are equal.

You have a lot of hidden bisexual people, just like they do not know you are a bisexual, you also don't know they are bisexual. You can join a local group of bisexual, bisexual party, focus on bisexual news, join meetbisexualpeople.com, it's the best bisexual dating site, in the bookshop looking for local newspaper news related to the bisexual, etc., can help you find other bisexual friends.

Bisexual people to accept their first, say to yourself "are you bisexual", and then said to himself: "it's no big deal." Then you can tell others, some people who do you believe in, and understand how you feel. You may choose to family or friends, you may want to seek support with other bisexual friend, these are the good method. It is not easy to do this, self-denial pain, ego identity is also not easy. But most of the identity of bisexual people say they feel happy, optimistic and confident than before a lot of.