When bisexual people meet

Bi was once mistakenly believe that is a combination of gay and straight. But in fact, bisexual is different from gay, it is also different from heterosexual, belongs to the two outside of a different kind of sexual orientation. Now more and more people agree with the existence of bisexual people, but there are still some people can't understand a person can also like two sex, their bisexual people remain with disdain. For most people, most optimal bisexual tendency really envy letting a person, that means not just like the opposite sex, also can fall in love with gay. Even a lot of gay people to come out in the name of the bisexual.

Of course, there are a few of bisexual men and women there is fear. Biphobia is a new word used to describe those who have misunderstanding on bisexual. Bisexual people may have different gender have desire, but this is not the same as will and exchanges between men and women at the same time. Single bisexual although there is a desire to one gender only, but also some people at the same time and a lot of people. Think bisexual love all is a misunderstanding, in fact, many bisexual people clearly just like a certain type of person. In fact most bisexual people more focused than heterosexual, although they will also go to some bi dating sites, but they have feelings more fancy. When bisexual people meet, they are likely to do very friendly.

Why a lot of bisexual people to hide their sexual orientation, and not to choose out of the ark? Both bisexual men and bisexual women, more or less will face comes from the prejudice of gay and straight. Most of the bisexual people feel marginalized by the society, it also have negative effects on their health of body and mind. In this case, they will choose to hide their sexual orientation, and this is their way of self-protection. On the contrary, some bisexual people, don't care about others to their opinions, they will choose out directly, loudly declared to all people, I am a bisexual people.

Perception of others, and bisexual people shouldn't be too care about, to support the bisexual men, we should be grateful. And for those who are against us, and we also need not too care about, they view it will change, we will be accepted by everyone.