When it comes to bisexual people

When it comes to bisexual people, because as a single, I face a lot of questions. A single older man, give a person the feeling is very strange. The man always endless speculation: impotence? Eccentricity? Is a gay? Poor condition? So my own problem, always can rise to social problems. Don't know what did I do harm to social stability and harmony?

In fact, not to get married for the simple reason: I haven't found my love, I am accustomed to a person's life. To hear people talk to me, I felt a kind of ridiculous and helpless. Still remind myself: walk yourself's road, ask someone else to say. Back to their own love, always some demanding, but it is my real idea. I can't and a person, in combination with the pattern of family, but there was no feelings. This in me, absolutely won't make such a cheap economic community.

In a person's sex, more can't be consensus is bisexual. Just heard this words, I feel very sick. Still, but I would never use insulting language and scorn eyes, to meet bisexual people. Because, it only represents the ignorance and narrow. Before we haven't understand a thing, any views and conclusions, too.

In recent years, because of sexual demand, I contact with some gay people. As a man, I don't have any obscene and violation of women's guilt. And men because it is over, I don't have more responsibility and worry. Because I understand his body and a man, like to know myself. At the pinnacle of desire and lonely valley, I taste the sex crazy and emotional loss. Perhaps the sex between a man and man, has a special brotherly affection and relatively strong wild body factors mixed together, left a deep impression on me and passion. The sort of man's inherent conquest and the strong desire, embrace in each other's body, got more satisfaction and release. You think sex, even also is a kind of special emotional communication between brothers more direct, more in-depth way.