When you know you are bisexual

No matter you are accidentally learned through the network, bisexual, or is a coincidence, inspired by someone else to know oneself is bisexual people. A large part of people interested in gay body at an early age. Especially give special attention to the genitals of gay. Or, in the era of students secretly like a man or a woman, and always have an idea, see his body and touch the genitals, and fantasy have sex with him.

No matter what you because and realize themselves as bisexual men or women, it has been proved that grew up in the environment, is being brought out, and bisexual don't have any relationship. Just like DNA have already decided to good. Will firmly in your life with you for a lifetime, no matter in any way to change is impossible. Always at the right time in some way know your original identity. And as long as you clear an idea, do you like the opposite sex at the same time, still like gay, if so, then you are a bisexual people.

The idea that as long as had a gay sex is gay or bisexual is ridiculous. Every bisexual people have great interest in the first same-sex friends, many people will put their hazy and pure feelings of enthusiasm into the first same-sex friends, silly took him as his lifetime friend. But often the truth is very cruel, because someone didn't take you seriously. Remember when you write a love letter to him? Now think again, do not know whether you also feel so stupid. Historical experience tells us that is often the first same-sex friends gay friends is all you know is not the right one, of course your communication is impossible forever.

When you know you are bisexual, you will appear in a period of time such as fear, panic mood is very normal. This time you will refer to related information to deny yourself the kinds of behavior are bisexual people, look after is very funny. Because your heart still unwilling to accept this looks kind of ethnic group by most people. Do you still remember the first time that his body touch between gay and straight, heart electricity to that kind of feeling?