Why care about is bisexual people or heterosexual people?

While heterosexual dominated, bisexual people also gradually got admitted, think this is what we have already completed the sexual revolution era. In fact, everyone is a little bisexual subconscious tendencies, he is from our two-way imitation to parents as a child.

Tell from the human love, and I think everyone has two kinds of love, one kind is built on the spirit, and another is based on the desire and physical. Spiritual, some say that call Plato, to tell the truth, love, love, in your spirit may be gay can also be members of the opposite sex.

I think everyone will have a good friend, you are the man of attachment, love, care, no words don't talk, even met with difficulties, first thought is that he (she), but you will always be friends, there is no desire, this is love, spiritual love, we also call it friendship. Gay is normal also, love the opposite sex is also reasonable. So we are bisexual men or women. Don't deny, you say don't love him (her) but cannot leave him (her) again, isn't it?

Most people, maybe everyone, think the love is built on desire and body, lesbian, gay, straight, that is, divided by this kind of love. = to have the desire, to think of and generate and physically he desires. In this case, people would think that gay is the combination of a violation of ethics, straight is normal, because this is the only way the human will flourish.

But we forget that people are not beasts, not only to understand the survival of the animal reproduction, we dominated the planet, in addition to let humans can continue to flourish, we also comes with a more abundant feeling, also because of this is the human civilization and ethics, so the so-called "normal" or "abnormal", is shooting themselves in the foot. Two people in love, why we so care about gay or straight? Why care about the people are bisexual people or heterosexual people?