Bi is an attitude

Bisexual people's biggest charm, lies in their dependence on others emotionally can unworldliness other restrictions. When the emotional needs can be free from sexual instinct, and the main body is to dare to challenge the traditional view of sex, so the rise of bisexual can't avoid. Especially the young people of modern society, they don't accept the traditional concept of constraint, and at the same time also like new things, especially love age of freedom, they are bisexual group a great addition to the development.

In fact, most people will have bisexual traits in different degree, but only a minority of people, this is also the result of social development, nothing can happen overnight, bisexual reason is rugged, this group is still in development. With the increase of bisexual dating sites, bisexual has begun to change of network, through the way of the website, they are developing rapidly. Many young bisexual, or bisexual singles, bisexual couples, are able to find a suitable road of contacts, they are all can meet bisexuals.

Bisexual people two objects are often exist at the same time, always there will be a contradiction. However, if the bisexual over a period of time, just keep a relationship with an object, then why distinguish between heterosexual and homosexual? In fact, no one can guarantee, a bisexual people with straight or gay is not genuine. So, the existence of bisexual, has overturned the inherent thought, can't contacts both sexes object at the same time, is a kind of wrong view. Bi is a kind of attitude, a kind of orientation.

I think, both bisexual men, and bisexual women, they are all is the most perfect in the world. Bisexual emotional dependence has unworldliness other restrictions, bisexual is a kind of emotional attitude, but not everyone can accept. Anyway, in line with the principle of "liberty, equality and fraternity", respect each other.