Bi will be brave to love

While heterosexual dominated, gay has been admitted, but bi is still a long way to go. Although the bisexual with fall in love with men's and women's rights at the same time, but in fact, most people in the society do not admit the rights of bisexual, this view is not straight, even gay, also can produce the idea.

Most people, maybe everyone thinks, heterosexual, gay have the distinction between bisexual is through the physical desire to distinguish. Have the desire to hope that the combination of physical, this case, people will think that gay a violation of ethics, the combination of opposite sex is normal, because this is the only way the human will flourish. For bisexual, however, do not exist in this theory, although they can and gay together, but they can also be combined with the opposite sex at the same time, this does not affect humans thrive. Everyone is equal, should not be bisexual holding the attitude of discrimination, they can fall in love with a man and a woman at the same time, this is their talent. When meet bisexuals, we should also give more help.

For bisexual themselves, should also be positive life, if a proper opportunity, also can choose to come out, after all the hidden identity is not a long-term solution. Bisexual people should according to their own ideas, and their way of life alive, not affected by other people's opinions. Some bisexual singles looking for friends on bisexual dating sites, but they were afraid of being found someone else. In fact, why should care about the view of others? Man is to live for yourself, don't let the noise of others' thought influenced my own judgment. Men with men, women and women together, is more of a spiritual communication. As bisexual, is looking for more friends, should go out to have bisexual dating.

Whether it's straight, or gay and lesbian, or bisexual, just different from sexual orientation, among other things, are all the same, therefore, should be equal treatment. Sexual orientation is not important, your partner is a man or a woman is not important, the important thing is love. No matter you are bisexual men, or bisexual women, brave of love.