Bisexual people should not give up

Under the same blue sky, each person has their own love life. Some people like to the opposite sex, some people like gay, also some people of the opposite sex same-sex love. So, there will be a "gay" "straight" and "bi" these three words. It is absurd, I think that love is the most important, and heterosexual, gay, bisexual just describe a state.

I think whether bisexual people, or gay accompany, they in pursuit of real happiness than heterosexual pay more, also very hard at the same time, by a lot of injustice. I hate those who oppose the bisexual, these people are not generally bisexual, most of whom were heterosexual, there were a few gay. Bisexual people are still in the fringes of society, not understand, also don't have a lot of friends. Others think that bisexual people like straight and gay, at the same time, this is their most can't accept it, but I think that this should be jealous, they are jealous bisexual people can have a variety of choices. Yes, although bisexual is have more choices space, they also want to meet bisexual friends, however, due to the misunderstanding and discrimination of others, they are not even straight and gay friends, can only hide in the corner, hidden bisexual identity of their own, to avoid others strange eyes, but this kind of life, they also very hard. Though occasionally some bisexual dating sites can also, look for other bisexual friends, but always can't aboveboard meet bisexuals out, this also make them feel very grievance.

What's wrong with bisexual? Why can't get others' understanding, everyone is the same, the joys and sorrows is the same, also deeply loves the life, the same struggle for life, also the pursuit of his ideal. Just different sexual orientation, just different from popular sexual orientation, it can not be all people understand, this is the sorrow of the society. Anyway, bisexual people should not give up, to take the initiative to fight for their rights, in order to better life.

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