Bisexuality is free

Bisexuality in real life is generally hidden identity, so it is not easy to be found. Bisexual are those that can produce for both homosexual and heterosexual sexual impulse, love can accept gay and straight, a kind of person is a kind of sexual orientation, but unlike heterosexual and homosexual, in simple terms, is the superposition of heterosexual and homosexual. The limits of gay and bisexual, in the sexual impulse, a person of the opposite sex sexual excitement, bisexual, not sexual excitement is gay. Bisexual and straight line, also is the sexual urge, to same-sex sexual excitement, bisexual, in same-sex sexual excitement is not straight.

Some people object to divide sexual orientation, through intercourse, as long as there is a homosexual and heterosexual sex namely, bisexual. It's not science, such a definition does not reflect the essence of bisexual people. Some heterosexual under special circumstances, also can and gay sex, but they are interested in gay not, emotional cannot accept gay love. And even more gay and heterosexual marriage, even have children, but they are not interested in the opposite sex, exclusion of the opposite sex, the love can not accept the opposite sex.

Bisexual shown on same-sex and heterosexual sexual interest and the strength of love is not the same. Prefer to belong to members of the opposite sex bias heterosexual bisexual. Prefer gay belong to favor gay bisexual, there is also a level of straight and gay, like the same, this kind of person is less, also hard to find. Bisexual, in all corners of the world, even we often meet bisexuals, but they can't be the statistics, they are huge, even more than gay.

Bisexual, has become a kind of fashion in today's society, all countries in the world have the existence of bisexual. Now, bisexual bar, bisexual dating sites, bisexual program, these are heating up. Although bisexuality than it is a kind of heterosexual, but, for this kind of weird, we should give more understanding and tolerance. Because no matter what kind of feeling, is two heart collision sparks, and they all had use beloved, and love forever.

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