Bisexuality is proud

Bisexual refers to sexual attracted to men and women at the same time. Bisexual people often blame, there are many misconceptions about bisexual. Perhaps, we have no need to differentiate "gay", "straight", "bisexual", and it should be said that "sex" and "heterosexual sex". How do we take the behavior of a behavior, a behavior is an action, rather than a state, more should not discriminate against bisexual.

Sex should not become some people at the center of the logo. In the eighteenth century ago, no heterosexual and homosexual, and only same-sex sexual behavior and heterosexual sex behavior. Homosexuality is developed after the word, same-sex sexual behavior is a kind of behavior or experience, rather than the basic characteristics of a person. Today's bisexual, like a gay before the eighteenth century, still under development, will take time. With the development of bisexual, more and more bisexual people choose out, some bisexual bar, bisexual dating sites began to emerge. Bisexual groups experience gradually strong, one day, bisexual are all approved, accepted, no longer furtive.

Bisexuality isn't like all people think that is the negative side, in fact, it also has the positive side. Bisexual to society, is easy to see the benefits of a show, make more adhesiveness between people, and less confrontational. As we know, compared with men and men, the daily life women and women, men and women are more easy to cooperation. Bisexual, not only has the fit between the opposite sex, also enhance the fit between the same sex, so brave to meet bisexual friends.

It is worth mentioning that bi will instinctively, for both sexes will produce a desire, a desire to have sex. However, with both sexes sex, but not necessarily is a bisexual people. Besides bisexual, there are also some heterosexual or biased toward heterosexual people will be out of curiosity or hunger and gay sex, but they, after all, is not really bisexual or gay sex in the same gender when performance are also different. That is to say, not through sexual activity to determine whether one is bisexual.