Come on, bisexual

Everyone has their own independent of sexual orientation, whether heterosexual, gay, bisexual, just different from sexual orientation, are the same in other ways. Because of sexual orientation is different, each process of self-discovery also each are not identical.

For bisexual group, before fully understand their sexual orientation, most of them go through a long period, they also can't accept bisexual, they need time, because they to bisexual also don't know. Had a sexual relationship with gay is not necessarily a bisexual people, sex does not change a person's sexual orientation. Usually, people by looking at the sex of the sexual partner to judge his human orientation. Many people put the bisexual as homosexual or heterosexual areas. Bisexual was neither gay nor a heterosexual, although bisexual is a huge population, but it is more likely to experience discrimination. Even some people doubt whether bisexual does exist, they think that they will not meet bisexuals, in fact, every place there are bisexual people, they just hid the true identity, we don't know.

Due to straight and gay, bisexual people has a close relationship, so the bisexual relationships sometimes enviable, it is bisexual born an advantage. , of course, there is also a part of bisexual people will be affected by other people's discrimination, couldn't even find friends, they through some bisexual dating sites to find other bisexual friends. Others' criticism may allow the bisexual feel pain or uncomfortable, but, when bisexual accept themselves, will also get others' approval.

Now, more and more bisexual young people choose out of the closet, compared to the others, young people are more likely to accept their bisexual identity, they prefer to meet bisexual friends, they are also more hope to get the recognition and respect of others. Believe that with the development of the society and the progress of thought, bisexual orientation will not be discriminated against reason, come on, bisexual.

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