Sexual orientation

Sexual orientation is emotionally lasting passionate sexual attraction to others. Sexual orientation itself is a psychological level, sexual orientation is to own a position on the psychological level, is to the opposite sex in psychological or there is a persistent to same-sex love feelings. "Sexual orientation", also called "preference" or "sexual orientation", is used to describe a human desire, fantasy, and the object of feeling, may be one person, also may be more than one person, may be the opposite sex, also may be gay, or perhaps both sexes. The classification of sexual orientation are: heterosexual, gay, bisexual, asexual.

Human understanding of sexual orientation, there is a development process, in the early society, because sex is mainly as a function of human reproduction, so only heterosexual this is consistent with the reproductive function of sexual orientation is considered to be reasonable, and because other sexual orientation from the function of reproduction and is considered a sin, such as gay, bisexual, asexual orientation, etc. But with the development of human civilization, human beings constantly gain more freedom, at this time, gay, bisexual are accepted by the people, development to today, all sexual orientation is also full equality.

The definition of sexual orientation means for a certain gender or other sexual desire and emotion, personality judgment, sexual orientation, two factors are need to have, a lot of people just by judging sex sexual orientation is not completely reliable. The emergence of sexual orientation is not required to have sex or relationship, some people mistakenly believe that, if there is no tried, sexual orientation will not be able to judge. Sexual orientation is a kind of state, is also a kind of identity, even if a person does not have any sexual experience, still can determine their sexual orientation. Possible for bisexual people, sexual orientation is more difficult to judge, because both to show affection for men's, and to show affection for a woman's.