The factors that affect bisexual

Believe everyone rarely heard of men with same-sex attraction and then into a heterosexual, nor heard of lesbian into a heterosexual. But has not so strange for bisexual, whether bisexual men, or bisexual women, can be continuously switching between a man and a woman. Bisexual, in fact, it is still developing, for bisexual the special circumstances, social institutions research a lot, also help them to meet bisexual friends. There are a lot of on the study of bisexual, but still not enough understanding of bisexual, influence factors of bisexual also does not have a unified view.

Personally, I think bisexual is caused by multiple factors mutual influence. Most bisexual are born, they were born, genes can determine their bisexual orientation. Although due to the influence of social and cultural transformation will produce certain effect to them, but in the end they will find different from others. After the birth of a need to highlight is the influence of factors, in fact, this includes a lot, such as psychology, society, life, environment, culture and so on, these may have an impact.

If sexual psychological development is affected, it is possible to produce bisexual. Such as a failure of love, or a failure of marriage, all of these may lead you to gay, finally become a bisexual people. For social factors, this is not easy to distinguish, can from the economic aspect, for economic difficult people choose same-sex relatively easier to some, this may also produce bisexual. The biggest influence will be environmental factors, if there is a bisexual people around the same, it is easy to affected, such as they like on some bisexual dating sites, likes to interact with people, these will be in imperceptible in impact to us.

All in all, there are many factors that affect bisexual, the study of bi is not enough. Believe, after further study of bisexual, bisexual life can also be legitimate, bisexual group also can get a better development. Whether you're bisexual single, or bisexual couples, has free life.

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