Bisexual and diversity

Bisexual, for both sexes would be interested in. At the same time, as to be able to attract the sexual orientation of different gender, and gay and lesbian and bisexual opposing a sexual orientation. For sexual diversity, bisexual good for its, and it has great potential.

Human understanding of sex, always in the unceasing progress, regardless of the change, asexual, bisexual, gay, transgender, sexual orientation, such as has been the refresh human understanding of sex, as well as constantly deepen our cognition of sex. From the surface, bi is based on the men's and women's physical, but in fact, bisexual, and not limited to men and women. Although the study of bisexual also is not very thorough, "bisexual" sounds familiar and strange feeling, but all sorts of bisexual bar, bisexual dating sites has already started to appear, visible bisexual population is a huge potential.

In fact, in full of all kinds of tags in the community, all can see all kinds of bisexual people misunderstanding and discrimination, and even a lot of stigma bisexual. Such as bisexual like promiscuity, bisexual, homosexual and lesbian community, finally can betray bisexuals are some cognitive errors, and so on. For bisexual misconceptions, both from the community and academia are not widely the profound discussion, and there is no a definite results. When gay commubity meet bisexual friends, most of them will not hold a friendly attitude, they are good at using the "one to one relationship", to deny to bisexual groups. But academic circles have a clear, said this would lead to the development of bisexual passive state.

Have to say, bisexual group while it is under development, but it shows the power has surprised group of straight and gay. The emergence of bisexual has means the end of the "one to one relationship", from sex to the direction of diversification. So, when bisexual meet, means that the development of the society.