Bisexual research

Bisexual, unlike heterosexual and homosexual, bisexual, there are many reasons for the formation of research also has a lot of bisexual. To cause bisexual tendency of past research, are generally divided into congenital and acquired two kinds. Congenital research including the study of brain, genetic research and so on.

According to reports, research has reality and bisexual people and bisexual people's brain structure are different. However, the research on the logic is not instructive, because we are not sure, is the brain of different led to sexual orientation, or sexual orientation is different, lead to the changes of the brain. For genetic research, scientists are constantly explore, bisexual, it has both heterosexual sexual orientation, but also the sexual orientation of the gay, there is no doubt that it is different. However, innate theory also has some problems. If someone was proved to be congenital bisexual people, so also is equal to the sentence they are different in nature and others. In fact, this has involved the social moral problems, if meet bisexual friends, whether should embrace? Nowadays, the society of bisexual still there is misunderstanding.

Research on the reason of the day after tomorrow seems confusing, because it's easy to have a subjective bias. If we are looking for bisexual tend to cause, will be affected by many factors, such as' misfortunes in life experience, the cause of the family (single parent families, family violence, the failure of family education), the cause of the partner (seduce even sexual assault by bad companion, bisexual dating sites), and other factors.

Whatever the reason lead to bisexual, actually for bisexual people, already is not important, we as bisexual people, it is difficult to change anything, we should do, is to change ourselves, change our mentality, bisexual, accept ourselves, at the same time, also try to let others to accept us.