The process of bisexual

For most people, aware of themselves as bisexual, not happen overnight, will experience a long process, can't sleep the night before or straight, the second day get up to turn into a bisexual. Sexual orientation is inherent and cannot be changed, although people's behavior, self recognition and understanding of the sexual orientation is relatively flexible and changeable. Judgment of their sexual orientation conclusions could not easily, because this is a gradual process of self-understanding. Although we may decide to claim for homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual or something else, however, our sexual orientation is actually have identified at birth. Sexual orientation is not of your choice, and not influenced by the way we grow up, also can't change.

Many bisexual friends for their full of doubts. Our society for a heterosexual sexual orientation and gender identity is full of all kinds of misunderstanding, so a lot of people once felt attracted to straight and gay, will be very worried that he was gay or bisexual. Also some people can't be sure as to whether their bisexuality, and were afraid to speak out, because I can't sure, at the same time afraid of friends, family and social ridicule, rejected or damage. In reality, there are a lot of people still discrimination bisexual people.

Perhaps, we have to a move for gay people, when we are attracted to itself, for our own sexual orientation, and also have certain understanding. As for other aspects of self understanding, in the sexual self exploration on this impossible to finish a day, but to last a lifetime. No matter what our sexual orientation is, want to clear their sexual orientation and how to think about other people's sexual orientation, you must first understand some basic common sense. Just like when you find that there are many explanations, a word or a concept meaning is not clear, it's difficult to make a judgment. Lesbian, gay, straight or bi, some important knowledge is a must that everybody should know. If you are a bisexual man or bisexual woman, more need to understand the meaning of bisexual, when bisexual people meet, everyone will be able to better communication and discussion.