Understand the bisexual

Bisexual belongs to the third sex outside of heterosexual and homosexual orientation, although bisexual is also one of the three main sexual orientation, but by many people in the society of discrimination, including straight and gay. As bisexual couples, both straight and gay, are interested in, and to attract the opposite sex and gay, generally there will be a big part of people like them, so a lot of people think, bisexual is the kind of feeling is not exclusive. In fact, a lot of people don't understand the bisexual, usually bisexual, people discovered because of some bad behavior disclosures bisexual people, therefore, it is easy to produce misunderstanding to bisexual group, took a group of bi is a bad group.

From sexual orientation perspective, whether gay or straight, or bisexual, is just a form of biological development evolution, the emergence of bisexual, nature has the advantage of its existence, should not blind judge right and wrong. Bisexual, in fact, both to keep the function of heterosexual married and have children, and can have a cooperation between people of the same basic, simple to understand is the superposition of two kinds of sexual orientation. From the point of view of biological evolution, bi is the result of natural selection. But, there are still a large part of the bi there was a misunderstanding and discrimination, of course, this part of the people just haven't fully understand bisexual, or just a one-sided understanding of bisexual.

From the perspective of society, bisexual is also a form to promote the development of society. Bisexual bar, bisexual dating sites such as the emergence of not only helped the bisexual people solve the problem of making friends, but also help social solves a difficult problem. Now, a lot of bisexual couples began to appear, rarely bisexual remain single.

In general, bisexual group need more understanding and help, not only need help from society, also need the help of others. Bisexual people should help each other, when we meet bisexual friends, also should give respect and understanding. Pluralistic society also needs all people joint effort, bisexual tomorrow will become better and better.