We are bisexual

With the development of the society and lifestyle changes, more and more people's sexual orientation changed. This society is a heterosexual world originally, but now, more and more gay and bisexual. Usually we know relatively more about heterosexual and homosexual, but in human sexuality, still have a kind of sexual orientation, that is the sexual attraction can produce two kinds of gender orientation, bisexual, for people of both sexes sexual attraction or sexual impulses, this person is like a straight, like gay, met a lot of people are bisexual woman or bisexual man.

As bisexual in social groups of people still belongs to the words of a more sensitive, and often are associated with pop culture or media, a lot of people in society to bisexual also there was a misunderstanding, they mostly bisexual groups don't understand. In fact, under the condition of the personality open society today, what's the problem with sexual orientation is different? Heterosexual, gay, bisexual, what's the problem? Human civilization is freedom, love a person, love many individuals should be free. I believe a lot of bisexual people are very grievance, don't understand why people are not satisfied with them, but I want to say is, it's not bisexual people fault, this society would need more tolerance, so as to better development. So the bisexual people also should be more active to face life, not influenced by others.

If standing in a higher position to understand bisexual, may say that is doesn't matter. Whether you're bisexual couples, or bisexual single, as long as it is a true love, no matter the one you love is homosexual or heterosexual, what really matters is your love. I believe that no matter what kind of sexual orientation is a personal choice, everyone has their own want to life, everyone has the right to choose love, when we meet bisexual friends, we should not take their strange eyes to see them.