Bisexual is probably the most poor group

Bisexual is probably the most poor group, they are heterosexual discrimination and even gay discrimination against bisexual, they are treated with indifference. What is bi? Most people almost nothing of bisexual. And it is because of this kind of don't understand, caused the people's curiosity to bisexual and ignorance. Everyone thinks bisexual can be like a man, and can love a woman, so would have discrimination on bisexual psychology, that is why they reject bisexual people.

Maybe somebody thinks, bi is a kind of instability on sexual orientation, they also have no choice. Sexual orientation is not a choice, however, the bisexual is like a man, like a woman again, this is not a temporary. Bisexual as heterosexual and homosexual, also is a kind of sexual orientation, different from heterosexual and homosexual, bisexual people could love a man, and could love a woman, will not be a single gender bondage. Although on the surface, it is no problem, even bisexual is special, but in the mainstream society of the heterosexual, bisexual but not as good as I thought, even of their living is very poor, they are not able to meet bisexual friends, even didn't dare to open their bisexual identity. Also some bisexual people choose coming out, choose to disclose their sexual orientation, but after the development is not smooth, even can't find the right friends.

I think all the bisexual people should unite and calls for more attention to the bisexual. If you are a bisexual, don't be afraid, bold out, brave to love. Now also has a lot of bisexual dating sites, can help a lot of bisexual single find a couple, and also can help a lot of bisexual friends solve difficult.

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