Bisexuality is valid

Bisexual, in fact, there is no problem, bisexuality is valid. In human sexuality, in addition to the straight and gay and lesbian, and bisexual people, main sexual orientation is divided into these three categories, heterosexual orientation: a big interest to the opposite sex; Bisexual orientation: the straight and gay, have interest; Gay: have a great interest for same sex. In simple terms, bisexual is equal to the straight and gay.

Most bisexual people are gradually aware of their sexual orientation, there is also a part of bisexual people, they do not understand their sexual orientation, or even not able to accept bisexual, but has been plagued by bisexual. For this part, only to be able to solve the problem on their own, only they will be able to normal in the face of bisexual, they can really out of the shadow of bisexual, they will choose to go out to meet bisexual friends.

Has many influence factors of bisexual, there is a physiological factors, there are also psychological reasons, but most bisexual is formed when I was born, namely physiological reasons for this. Also some people affected by the bisexual groups around, causing their psychological change, finally became a bisexual. But also some people because of their sexual orientation is not sure, so hope with both sexes are stable, even they are heterosexual and homosexual, but due to various reasons, the bisexual behavior.

I think, no matter be bisexual men and bisexual women, as long as it is really bisexual people, they all hope to live a normal life, can they want to go out have bisexual dating, can find the other bisexual friends. But for bisexual people, now the society has more and more open, bisexual also more and more freedom, generally will not be bound, of course, besides they will not be able to face.

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