The bisexual dating

In this world, in addition to heterosexual, gay, bisexual, bisexual people like men and women, their dates and more widely, both men, and includes women, but many bisexual friends but not dating tips, it makes them feel very difficult. Bisexual, in fact, a date, it is very simple, if it is our first date, appointment should pay attention to the following three aspects, especially in dating your chats, please note the following points, it will greatly improve the success rate of dating.

1. The bi dating note content
For those who each other is hard to answer, can't answer, or is not convenient to answer the question, don't ask. For example, more than the other scope of knowledge, knowledge level, it was like to torture, make its embarrassment; Problems involving privacy or quick, easy to make each other angry. In addition, don't easily find each other's love history, even if you are a close lover now, also can't infringe the other party reserves the right to privacy. If you really want to know, to talk about your experience in this respect, upon hearing this, the other may be active to explain how he love history.

2. Dating bisexual note way
Avoid by all means ask an answer, let each other feel sense of trial and depressive feeling. Questions follow each other's ideas, best potential questions, let the other side feel to ask not to explore some of his secret, but do not understand to just talk. Such questions appropriately, nature also doubting your query motivation to avoid each other, after all, in the beginning of love, the other party has the psychological defense.

3. The bisexual dating pay attention to time
Don't interrupt each other, this will not only affect the thinking of each other, will also make them think you do not have self-restraint. Address at each other and don't ask, you will only let a person feel very disappointed. If you want to ask, it will be on the other end of the passage, before the start of a new passage gap problem is put forward. At the same time, before making any hints, let each other be prepared, and give you the opportunity, suggests that the best arrangement in each other's conversation will make the first few seconds. Experienced people can be found that the end of the speaker, often speak slower, and the tone is also gradually reduced. Question at this moment, will let the other side of the brain and mental have a buffer and preparation room, your natural dialogue can run smoothly.