Bisexual is a relatively special group

A man's heart will feel attracted from others, including both emotional attraction, including sexual attraction. In a nutshell, is the two aspects of "emotion" and "sex" attracted to people at the same time. The appeal may come from the opposite sex, may also come from the gay, also may come from the two kinds of gender. In the human's sexual orientation, for people of both sexes sexual attraction of sexual orientation or sexual impulse as bisexual orientation. From the surface, bisexual people can be with a man together, and together with a woman, even with more than one person at the same time, and without the restrictions of gender, they should be the happiest person in the world. In fact is not the case, however, due to the limitation of social and other people's peculiar eye, bisexual people under should not be lonely, that is the tragedy of bisexual people. 

Said bi, a lot of people can't understand, why will appear this kind of result, is like a man, and like women, it also makes many people sick, but today is a pluralistic society, sexual orientation should be pluralistic coexistence, common development. In our life, as well as the various parts of the world, there are bisexual exists, and we could also meet bisexual friends, but they hide the real sexual orientation, we also could not find them. But there are a few bisexual choose out, choose to do, free life. 

Bisexual is a relatively special group, although they have been found a relatively short time, but really a big group, they are seen all over the world. Even there are a lot of bisexual couples, both husband and wife is bisexual, they also live a normal life. Of course, there are a lot of bisexual single, with some bisexual dating sites, to find other bisexual single or couple, this also is more normal. Both heterosexual and homosexual or bisexual, are all equal, regardless of sexual orientation, is a form of multicultural.