Bisexual orientation

With multiple sexual orientation in modern society, and is widely distributed, sexual orientation can be regarded as a diversified development, but in the mainstream of the heterosexual society, almost everyone agrees that heterosexuality is one of the largest groups, and whether gay or bisexual, are just small part. But in fact, I think most people should be bisexual, and the number of heterosexual and homosexual should be similar. Everyone was born, has the right to selective orientation, and most people should be natural bisexual, just after birth is affected by the social culture, and became a heterosexual. In fact, there is also a research spending, in a heterosexual population and gay population, there is a big part of bisexual people

A person's growth will be affected by many factors: congenital condition limit, the influence of the environment, or he himself will, etc. A person will become a bisexual also affected by these conditions, may be genetic, and perhaps other. In life, bisexual has always been the object of discrimination, whether heterosexual group, or gay groups, all think bisexual people irresponsible, not enough specificity, also like some bisexual dating sites. Bisexual, in fact, is not a moral issue, just a kind of different from heterosexual and homosexual sexual orientation, even is the superposition of the two kinds of sexual orientation, and bisexual people are nothing wrong, should not be treated differently. 

With the progress of human civilization, the problem of bisexual are fewer and fewer. Most bisexual can find the right partner, there are a lot of bisexual couple lived a happy life. Most of them are able to understand each other, also like to go out to meet bisexual friends. Relatively speaking, bisexual life has much better, hope I can continue to be so. 

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