The difference between bisexual

I think the essence of sexual orientation should be divided, dislike or even hate the opposite sex is a gay, like gay, at the same time also like members of the opposite sex is bisexual. Bisexual people's biggest characteristics, that is, they can unworldliness other restrictions on other people's feelings. That is to say, bisexual doesn't care about gender, in their eyes, all people are equal, all are the same, I think this is a realm. 

Also is bisexual, also is distinguishing. Some bisexual prefer the opposite sex, and they occupy the ratio is also higher. In life, this part of the bi mostly with the opposite sex, it is difficult to find that they are bisexual people, of course, they will often meet bisexual friends, but compared with gay friends, they are more like the opposite sex. 

Part of this bisexual friends, they are more and they have the same gender of the person you like, this kind of bisexual is special, and often misunderstood by others, think that they are gay, but in fact, their true identity is bisexual. And this part of the bi prefer some bisexual dating sites, looking for other bisexual partner, of course, their life is very free, and very happy. 

In fact, most people would have bisexual traits, but only a few people, this is also the result of social development. Now is a pluralistic society, heterosexual, gay, bisexual, asexual coexistence of society, such as whether it is a kind of sexual orientation, is just one of them. I think, both bisexual men, and bisexual women, they are all is the greatest in the world, and their love is beyond the limit, but we still can't understand, believe that one day, everyone can understand bisexual.