We are bisexual

As a living, we have the right to same-sex sexual behavior and heterosexual sex behavior, each of us has the right to choose, choose to become heterosexual, gay, bisexual, or other. 

Many bisexual people, they found their sexual orientation in adolescence is different from other people, they are interested in the opposite sex, also interested in sex. But most bisexual will not disclose their sexual orientation, they will be like a heterosexual live normal lives, although occasionally meet bisexual friends go out, but others are hard to find the truth of their orientation, of course, this is because of social discrimination and misunderstanding, so they just hide sexual orientation, life quietly. 

Bisexual instinctively, for men and women will produce a kind of desire, the desire includes emotional and also include the physical. Although bisexual like men and women, but not every bisexual friends sex with women and men. On the contrary, even with both men and women sex, also will not be able to tell if a person is a bisexual, because a person's sexual orientation is not judged by sex objects, more should be self-identity. In other words, most of the bisexual people all know their sexual orientation, just not publicly. 

With the opening up of the human civilization, there are more and more bisexual friends choose out, was found. Now society, bisexual has become one of the three main sexual orientation, and the existence of heterosexual and homosexual, bisexual and also attracted enough attention, also has a lot of bisexual dating sites help them looking for a partner, there are also some bisexual organization committed to peace, I believe that the bisexual can also unceasing development, finally true in an era of equality.