Bisexual people

Now mankind has entered the era of a personality open, but even so, still have the idea of a lot of people did not change, even to discriminate. I believe, even up to now, there must be a lot of people don't know, bisexual, or even don't know what is bisexual. Bisexual all sexual orientation just inside one of the forms, but there are a lot of heterosexual fellow countrymen and gay expressed anger, they didn't like bisexual people, and even disgusted, this is the open society's sorrow. 

Most bisexual people, for their part, are both eager to with the opposite sex, also eager to and gay together, they are born so, sexual orientation also determines their whole life. But for bisexual, it seems, is not a serious problem, they have a lot of friends, a male, there are women. In this aspect to make friends, they are naturally better than others, or which is of the advantages of their sexual orientation as bisexual dating, their range is more extensive than others, in their view, sex is not really important, love also has nothing to do with gender. 

In fact, there are some bisexual single, they can't find the right partner. Most of bisexual single people like some bisexual dating sites, they hope to find their true love on the Internet, or the other, this for bisexual singles, is also a good choice. In this personality open society, in the hope that more bisexual people can get respect and recognition, at the same time to find their true love.