What is bi?

With the progress of human civilization, human understanding of sexual orientation, is also in constant progress. In this world, in addition to heterosexual, well a lot of sexual orientation, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, etc., are all equal to heterosexual. Most people might know about gay or comparison, but I believe, for bisexual people, many people do not know, or heard don't say, only occasionally but don't know. So, what is bi? 

Bisexual, refers to the people of both sexes in a sexual orientation. Bisexual is tended to show human sexual difference, gender and sex of a kind of state. It was not influenced by gender, also not discriminate against other sexual orientation. In our life, is also true that there are a lot of bisexual people. If we meet bi, also don't need to worry about, this is no problem, we just need to give each other enough respect, seriously. 

Although, in the eyes of bisexual people, no discrimination, no sexual orientation discrimination. However, this does not mean that other heterosexual people, or gay people is also the same idea, in our life, still have a lot of people can't understand bisexual, at the same time also to bisexual there are all kinds of misunderstandings. Such as bi like threesome, bisexual love some bisexual dating sites, etc. In fact, these are all of us, I admit, some bisexual is really such, however, there are more straight and gay, too, so it can not only classified as bisexual. 

Here, I want to be able to have more people understand the bisexual, everyone is equal, equal society should have equal human rights. We are bisexual, we are proud. 

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