Bisexual way different with others

Bisexual way different with others, they both like the opposite sex, and like gay. Many people do not understand them, so others think bisexuals must be very happy, can enjoy the intimate relationship with the opposite sex, also can maintain a close relationship with gay. Life in fact is not the case, however, they may be more sad than the imagination. Actually the main reason is that they are different from other people, they choose more widely, also will be more. 

Sexual orientation although there are many, but not all sexual orientation are all equal, some group of straight and gay, so far still think it is wrong to bisexual, they even exclude bisexual people. The reason is various, but what is certain is that group of bisexual and straight, and the other group, is essentially no difference, they are human, in fact, bisexual population is easy to close to, also has a lot of people are willing to more bisexual friends

For bisexual people, though, you can get from any kind of sex, but if it is already established relations with both gender bisexual people, they generally do not want to give up one of them. Also has a lot of bisexual live a life of husband and wife, they will also meet bisexual friends go out, or find other bisexual couples. This part and bisexual couple more happiness of life, the problem is less, also won't be a small group of group of straight and gay. 

In fact, more than just a bisexual people, every one of us is different, the way of why must be the way to care about others? Anyway, I support the bisexual group, and hope that one day in the future, bisexual dating is no longer a problem, and bisexual people can get enough power, absolute equality.