Bisexuality means a person who has sex attraction or sex drive to both man and woman. At first, most bisexual people didn’t realize that they are bisexuality, they know they were attracted easily by man and woman. With time going by, bisexual tendency change into a real bisexuality or homosexuality or heterosexuality. They have different opinion for its spirit gender and body gender. Someone is a male with manliness while someone is female with machismo.

The reasons caused bisexuality:
First is environment. It includes family environment and social environment, but the family is the key point. When a little young child grow-up in a bisexual family, he or she would be a bisexuality. At the same time, sex education is important. If the kids didn’t receive correct sex education which caused he or she has a vague attitude towards sex. Finally, the vague attitude towards sex confuses people .

Second is interpersonal relationship and bisexual dating. All of us belongs to a special circle, and this kind of circle changes all the time. Someday, an outstanding person( man or woman) appears and then you were attracted by him or her at once, even though he or she is same gender like you. This kind of adoration is above gender. You like him or her just because it’s talent but this feeling will become into love.

Third is psychological factors. Heterosexuality usually get sexual satisfaction by different sexual organs combining. However, to bisexuality, their ways to get sexual satisfaction or their lovers are different heterosexuality or homosexuality. According to Freud (an Austrian psychiatry), if the process of psychological development setbacks or goes astray, so it is possible to produce bisexuality. To some extend, this factor is always affected by family environment. 
The last one is genetic disease. When the fetus in mother’s womb, the mother provides the embryo with nourishment and a place to grow, but if the fetus didn’t absorb enough nourishment or suffered injure, the development of fetus will change. Sometimes, this change will bring about sex-orientation obstruction.