How to accept a close friend 's bisexual orientation?

With the development of the society, bisexual people in life appear more and more, perhaps each of us will meet bisexual friends. And a lot of heterosexual people will constantly meet the rough to the bisexual friends, but a lot of people don't know what to do, they don't know if I should accept bisexual, although they know bisexual sexual orientation is not wrong. A lot of bisexual people are reluctant to come out, so, How to accept a close friend 's bisexual orientation? 

Anyway, your friends are bisexual, but is your friend, so you should give support when your friends need you. They tell you the truth of their orientation, we can see that they are really trust you, even if you can't accept temporarily, also will not be able to live up to the trust. You can calm thinking, if really can't accept, then you will tell your friend, of course, you need to be tactful, or he will be sad. Is the best way you can accept your bisexual friends, also accept his sexual orientation. 

Believe in your friends, also believe that your friendship, bisexual orientation is no problem. Try to think about why you will become friends, sexual orientation is different whether can affect your relationship. For your friends, bisexual dating, they are very serious, are you also seriously? If the bisexual orientation will not affect your relationship, or your friendship, it is no problem. 

You must accept the fact that your friend will not change his bisexual orientation for you. Because in general, sexual orientation is not change, like discussed above, bisexual orientation will not change, we can only accept it, and then slowly used to it, maybe in the end we will fall in love with it. Whether your friend can change sexual orientation, you can keep this friendship, I think a true friend will not affected by sexual orientation. 

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