How to judge bisexual women?

In life, maybe we will encounter such a situation, we will meet bisexual friends, some female friends, also have a male friend. But sometimes, they might be hidden the true sexual orientation, we can't make sure they are really bisexual, especially some bisexual women, we are not able to directly ask them, and to judge they are bisexual women is not good. At that time, we need to use other ways to determine their may be a bisexual women. 

Pay attention to whether she is interested in other women. If she is interested in other women, like to enjoy their body or other, so she could be bisexual. Of course, this is only possible, may be curious about other women have sense or other. And worth mentioning is that may have a lot of bisexual women didn't really mean to their sexual orientation, that is to say, they didn't know they are bisexual, this kind of situation is not rare in our daily life, although the society has become more and more open, but overall, people are still hard to admit their bisexual orientation. 

Make sure she is always bisexual way in other women. If she likes some bisexual dating sites, looking for other women, or chat with other women, like in chat rooms, and even other women go out together, so you can be sure that she has an absolute interest in women. This time, can see her social software, if her photos of both men at ordinary times, and had a close contact with women, so these phenomena can be showed that she was a bisexual woman. 

Of course, if you find a friend around me is bisexual, you also can't reject them. Although they often go out to have bisexual dating, but the bisexual is no problem, but their sexual orientation is more widespread, has not been recognised by all people.