How to tell others you are bisexual

Now, there are a lot of bisexual people, to be able to accept their bisexuality, but, if you tell others you are bisexual, still need courage. Of course, I believe every bisexual people want to be able to get the identity of others, whether it's family, or friends. With the progress of sexual culture, a lot of bisexual friends choose out of the closet, of course, the result is also each are not identical, because every bisexual people's situation is different. So how can we tell others you are bisexual? 

The simplest and most direct way, you can use your social software, open your bisexual identity. Through a one-time message tell everyone you are bisexual, this is a very simple very convenient way, at the same time also can let most of the people you know to see. But you need to prepare enough because when others see, there's no way to change. Before you choose to do so, you can on some bisexual dating sites, to see other people coming out of the experience, you can be in bisexual dating website you bisexual identity, or to some bisexual people first coming out, so that you will be more easy to adapt to. 

If you choose to your family, or friends coming out, then you must choose a good time, be sure to prepare. Choose a friend who you trust, or family, tell them you are bisexual, you can find a proper time, such as when they are happy, this effect would be better. Don't ever when they are angry, and they talk about this topic, it will have the opposite effect. Brave to tell them you are bisexual, you want to meet bi

You can also ask for advice. Now there are a lot of bisexual chat rooms, bisexual BBS, can exchange these questions, get help from other bisexual people, get advice. You can on, and see how they tell others they are bisexual, maybe you can find more suitable for your own way. 

Finally, you should remember it is your choice, you can choose to come out, also can choose not to. Remember, you have the right to decide when and where to open your own bisexual orientation. You don't need to explain to anyone you bisexual identity, if you choose to tell others, just because you want them to know.