How to meet other bisexuals

A lot of bisexual people at a young age, they found their sexual orientation, they are different from others, slowly they accepted the bisexual, also accept themselves. However, many bi friend did not disclose their sexual orientation, so they find it difficult to meet bisexual friends, they don't know what to do, but they want to be able to meet other bisexual, so, how to meet other bisexual, actually there is a way. 

Go out to meet the LGBT community. If you stay at home all day, or a fixed circle of friends, but no new friends, so there will not be any help, you need to go out and make more friends. LGBT includes all sexual minorities, of course, also including the bisexual people. Every place have the existence of the LGBT, you can active to contact them, at the same time to introduce yourself to other people know, maybe one of them is bisexual, so that more people will be able to meet you, maybe someone will come looking for you have bisexual dating

Join a local group of bisexual. If there is bisexual near your group, and actively to join them, you may find other bisexual also have the same problem with you, or you can have similar experiences, it is of help to you, you can be close to and learn about them, but also can have more of the same subject. Perhaps such bisexual team has a lot of, is to help like you bisexual, help you meet bisexual women or bisexual men. 

Add some bisexual dating sites. To participate in some network organization is also a good choice, at least you can find the bisexual friends nearby. You can talk to them some interesting topics, especially some bisexual topic, website will be bisexual chat room, a lot of bisexual people will share some of their dating experience, or other, you can also learn a lot of things. Real information on the network society, of course, may be a problem, you have to pay attention to safety. Also can choose a few large bisexual dating site. 

Finally, if you are ready, can come out. Don't be afraid of others' opinions, you are who you are, be yourself.