A bisexual man

A bisexual man readme: I'm 27 years old, bisexual man. Up to now, has experienced three period of pain of love, the first two love is a woman, both relationship of cycle for four years, while the love is a man, cycle for a year, break up just two days ago. Specifically, in this relationship, just means my efforts, he did not understand refused, as a result, both sides hurt. 

I am a temperament middleman, for love to do a lot of stupid things. After the end of the second period of emotion, I escape to a strange city started a new life. I and he is in the understanding of the bisexual dating sites, saw him, and no thought we would become a brother, he just like me, like sports, especially basketball, my loneliness, as well as his lonely, let us to much a strong dependence on each other. We met in the beginning, we almost in addition to the work of the time together, even he will have to my house and my bed. 

Recently, he fell in love, I feel very sad, feel loved ones being robbed, although said that he and I stay together of the time every day more than he and his girlfriend together of the time a lot, but he always with his girlfriend in front of me frequent phone ambiguous, I was not great. Say the truth, I really hope he can happy in love, then let me despair to him, but he occasionally feel very care about me, makes me want to let go is not open. 

Reply: bisexual, also called double sex to, is a kind of sexual orientation or behavior, refers to the fear of love not only for single gender, it is one of the three major classification of sexual orientation, and heterosexual, gay column. Your current pain mainly consists of three parts: a, despise myself like gay; Second, at present can't love for you people return to normal brotherly affection; Three, on the relationship of discarding very heartache. 

You are a bisexual, or in connection with your growth, and the feelings of failure of the intimate relationship between two pieces. You can try to get out of the shadows, more exchanges with other bisexual friends, time is long, I believe you can overcome it.