Would you date with a bisexual people?

Would you date with a bisexual people? In our life, there are a lot of bisexual men and bisexual women, and it is a large group, people more than you might think. I believe that a lot of people now know that there are, bisexual, and not a process. Bisexual does not mean that half gay and straight, but it is a real and effective sexual orientation. But a lot of bisexual friends also will encounter a problem, not everyone is the reason with them, they want to be able to free bisexual dating

Some heterosexual friends and gay friends said, I would like to date with bisexual people, sexual orientation is no problem, we are the same. There are a lot of people are not really understand the bisexual, they just see on the surface of things. On the surface, bisexual love both men, and like women, treat love may will not be so persistent, even will often change. However, to really understand bisexual knows, they treat affection is very serious, and they always have a positive attitude, can warm people around. Many people say, bisexual people is the most sexy, especially bisexual kiss

Part of the, of course, there are more people don't want to date with bisexual. These people believe that they are not able to understand, bisexual, with bisexual couples together, they will feel insecure, they even afraid can't meet the bisexual. Of course, can not think this view is wrong, only to bisexual people don't have a sufficient understanding. As long as can let go of mentality, when meet bisexual friends, nor should we reject the date bisexual people, but should know them slowly. 

Now, actually our life already open enough, bi can also be accepted by most people, then the date a bisexual is no problem, but also can help us understand the bisexual people.