Bisexual blogs

Recently, the subject of bisexual was very hot, saw some bisexual blogs written by the author, some people do not understand the most basic bisexual common sense, write bisexual articles, or the opinions it also has a lot of mistakes. For example, the author thinks sexual orientation can be corrected, some think bisexual is influenced by others, but in fact, bisexual people are mostly from the heterosexual families. 

You first need to understand what is clear is that, what is sexual orientation? Sexual orientation refers to a kind of long-term and stable feel attracted to the others. This attraction may be emotional, also may be physical, or about love, etc. Scientists have pointed out that sexual orientation is an absolute same-sex sexual orientation to absolutely heterosexual orientation continuum system. It contains various types of middle bisexual people and bi curious people. 

Bisexual people can feel the emotional or sexual attraction of others, both of the same sex, including people of different gender. And is to emphasize that sexual orientation is not the same as sex, and sex have no direct relation. Also can understand it, it is in our life, there may be some bisexual friends they didn't happen two sexual behavior; There is also a part of heterosexual people and gay people, they all happened in a variety of sexual behavior. 

Bisexual reasons are varied, but so far, has not a definite conclusion, most scientists agree that bisexual people may be environmental, biological factors, such as a variety of factors. For most bisexual friends, when they were born, gene have already decided on their bisexuality identity, after they are influenced by the life, such as some bisexual friends, or on some bisexual dating sites, to find their own bisexual. But we need to know is, bisexual orientation is the comprehensive result of many factors, everyone is not the same.